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Eduwonk is a blog written by Andrew Rotherham, Co-founder and Partner at Bellwether Education Partners. Occasional guest bloggers will also contribute, and the author(s) of these posts will be clearly identified.

From its inception in 2004 Eduwonk was hosted by the Progressive Policy Institute. From 2005 until March 2010 it was hosted by Education Sector. A complete archive of posts since the blog’s launch is located on the upper right side of the Eduwonk site and there is a search function on the right side as well.

The blog focuses on education policy and politics. Obviously, that’s a field I work in as well as write about so a couple of things for readers to bear in mind. First, the views expressed here should be considered to be those of the writer(s) rather than organizational viewpoints of Bellwether or any organizations or individuals Bellwether works with or that I work with. Likewise, outgoing links do not constitute any type of endorsement of other websites or organizations.

via Eduwonk.

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This Blog is NOT about running a great classroom--for that see The JOY OF TEACHING: SCHOOL.
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